T-6 Texan



North American AT-6 Texan

The North American AT-6 Texan (Advanced Trainer) first flew in April 1935. By the time production ended in June 1952, a total of 15,495 had been built.  Approximately 500 survive today worldwide.

Fully loaded, the two-seat airplane weighs 5,300 pounds and is powered by a 9-cylinder, supercharged P&W R-1340 engine producing 600 horsepower. It is capable of carrying two Browning M1919 A2 .30 caliber machine guns, and it can carry one bomb under each wing. Though designed primarily as a trainer, the airplane was used in combat by several nations. During the Korean and Vietnam Wars a few T-6s known as “Mosquitos” were used by the U.S. as Forward Air Control airplanes.  The South African Air Force used the T-6 until 1995.

This aircraft was built as an AT-6F Texan under a 1944 Army Air Force contract. In April 1945 it was transferred to the US Navy and was redesignated as an SNJ-6.  It was based in Oakland, California, and served primarily as an instrument trainer until it was released from military service in 1959.


T-6 Texan